Bullying Policy

Click the link below for Century CUSD #100's updated Bullying Policy.

The following information has been taken directly from the Century CUSD #100 Student Handbook.

Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment

Bullying, intimidation, and (sexual) harassment are not acceptable in any form and will not be tolerated at school or any school-related activity. The school will protect students against retaliation for reporting incidents of bullying, intimidation, or (sexual) harassment, and will take disciplinary action against any student who participates in such conduct.  

No person shall harass, intimidate or bully another based upon a race, color, nationality, immigration status, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, gender identity, order of protection status, status as homeless, or actual or potential marital or parental status, including pregnancy, or other protected group status. The school and district will not tolerate harassing, intimidating conduct, or bullying whether verbal, physical, or visual, that affects the tangible benefits of education, that unreasonably interferes with a student’s educational performance, or that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment.   

Examples of prohibited conduct include name-calling, using derogatory slurs, causing psychological harm, threatening or causing physical harm, or wearing or possessing items depicting or implying hatred or prejudice of one of the characteristics stated above. Examples of sexual harassment include touching, crude jokes or pictures, discussions of sexual experiences, teasing related to sexual characteristics, and spreading rumors related to a person’s alleged sexual activities.   

Students who believe they are victims of bullying, intimidation or harassment or have witnessed such activities are encouraged to discuss the matter with the student nondiscrimination coordinator, building administrator or a complaint manager. Students may choose to report to a person of the student’s same sex. Complaints will be kept confidential to the extent possible given the need to investigate. Student s who make good faith complaints will not be disciplined.  

Any student who is determined, after an investigation, to have engaged in bullying, intimidation or harassment will be subject to disciplinary consequences as provided in this handbook, including but not limited to, suspension and expulsion consistent with the school and district’s discipline policy. Parents of students who have engaged in the above behavior will be notified. Any student making a knowingly false accusation regarding harassment may also be subject to disciplinary consequences.   


Cyber-bullying is defined as “bullying via the use of the Internet, interactive and digital technologies (computers, PDAs, etc..) and/or mobile telephones”. The use of any school computer or electronic device for the purpose of cyber-bullying is strictly prohibited. Cyber-bullying using home-based or off-campus devices that result in a material and/or substantial disruption to the school environment and/or a true threat will constitute grounds for investigation. Cyber-bullying will not be accepted and those who perform these acts shall receive consequences to be determined by the administration.  

Anonymous reports are also accepted by phone call or in writing to the following individuals:

The consequences for bullying are listed under disciplinary actions in the Student Handbook.